2021 reindeer ugly christmas sweater collection


I’m going to let you in on a little company secret: a reindeer doing human-things makes for a great Christmas sweater. Two sweaters from our original line demonstrated this really well: Reindeer Gainz, which shows a reindeer getting jacked in preparation for the big day, and Blitzin, which displayed Blitzin’s mug shot after he partied a little too hard. We added to the roster last year with Party Animal, our Animal House/John Belushi-inspired sweater. This year, we’ve got two more humanoid reindeer sweaters, as well as the Ugly Christmas Party take on a holiday favorite. They are all available for sale NOW and ship within 24 hours.

reinbeer ugly christmas sweater


You know we love our puns here at Ugly Christmas Party. The original design for this sweater, which showcases a hard-partying reindeer at what looks to be the end of the night, was originally titled “Get Lit” but it just didn’t feel perfect, and when we came up with Reinbeer, it stuck. We added beer cans raining down the sleeves to tie it all together. On a personal note, we modeled this reindeer after Tyler’s cousin Caden at our wedding - glasses on, shirt undone, tie wrapped around his head - and we’re sure that if Cade had antlers, he would’ve had crushed beer cans stuck on there too.

ugly christmas sweater reindeer games video game sweater

Reindeer Games

The idea for Reindeer Games has been on our concept board for as long as there’s been an Ugly Christmas Party. The original idea was for a reindeer to be at a fully decked out gaming computer, but it was difficult to showcase all the elements we’d envisioned for it. So we moved him away from the computer and onto the couch, added a Matrix-inspired code background, and voila! There’s our Reindeer Gamer. I think a lot of gaming couples may find it fun to pair this sweater with Super Santa - they look great together!

ugly christmas sweater reindeer hoodies black red blue

Reindeer Hoodies

Finally we have our classic holiday reindeer look: the reindeer hoodie. We wanted our reindeer hoodie to push the design forward as much as possible. We added a full wintery scape behind the reindeer body, an ornate harness embroidered in gold, and patterned sleeves. We also produced the antlers on a headband. This not only ensures that the antlers won’t sag throughout the night, but you can wear the antlers with or without the hood, pair your antlers with a different outfit, or wear the hoodie without antlers altogether. This sweater comes in red, blue, and black, which makes it a great sweater to mix and match for couples or families.

And those are our new Reindeer sweaters for 2021! As I said, they are all available for sale NOW and will ship within 24 hours.