100 days left until christmas


It's September 16th, and that means there are only 100 days left til Christmas!!!! If you're an early planner (like me), then you may have already started planning for Christmas, but if not, here's a quick run down of ways to start your Christmas planning this September. 

Set a Budget

Always the most important step, it's best to set your Christmas budget as early as possible so that you a) know what you have to spend, and b) can track against it once you start buying. Budgeting has never been more important than this year, as we deal with not only retail inflation but supply chain issues that will lead to limited availability of the hottest items. 

We'll have more on budgeting and a breakdown on the 2021 supply chain issues soon. 

Figure Out Where You Are Spending Christmas

Are you hosting? Traveling locally to a family or friend's house? Going on an out-of-state or international trip? Now is the time to figure this out, and book any necessary hotels or flights.

Create a Shopping List

You don't need to have picked out presents for everyone at this time, but you should have a pretty good idea of who you should be shopping for and (if applicable) how many gifts you want to get that person.

Gather/Update Addresses

If you're planning on sending out Christmas cards, start gathering or updating everyone's addresses now, so you don't feel rushed during all of the other holiday festivities. 

Schedule Christmas Photo Shoot

If you are going to hire a professional photographer for your Christmas photos this year, now is the time to start reaching out, getting quotes, and putting time on the books. Photographers book up fast, so even if you don't want to take the pictures until December, now is the time to start your outreach.