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One of my favorite things about the holiday season is waking up on Christmas morning, looking under the tree, and seeing a ton of different wrapping paper colors, designs, and styles. This is definitely something I inherited from my mom. Every year growing up, we always had at least half a dozen different wrapping paper designs to choose from when we were wrapping presents, and she was meticulous about placing each one under the Christmas tree just so, making sure there weren't too many of one color in one area. 

Most years, I make a couple of stops to get wrapping paper, typically Target, Michael's, and Five Below, but last year Tyler and I weren't shopping in person because of Covid, and I was concerned that I wouldn't be able to find what I was looking for on the online channels. But luckily, I found something (in my opinion) even better.

Hallmark Reversible Wrapping Paper

When I found these on Amazon, I was skeptical, but they seriously blew me away. You can get a 3-pack for (as of Sept 2021) $15, but it's actually 6 different designs. I ended up buying two of these last year, so I had 12 different wrapping paper designs under the tree. You do have to sacrifice the cutting grids, which are so helpful, but if they aren't necessary for you, I highly recommend checking these out. Plus, Hallmark has reversible wrapping paper available for birthdays, showers, and basically any occasion you need to wrap presents. So you don't even need to wait until Christmas to use this tip!