knit differences

Here at Ugly Christmas Party, we make our sweaters out of am acrylic/cotton blend. All of our sweaters are 100% knit, but some of our sweaters have a thick gauge and others have a thin gauge. Today, I want to tell you the difference and why we choose one or the other.

When we talk about gauge, it technically means how many stitches are in 1 inch of fabric, but that doesn't tell a layperson very much about a sweater. So for clarity's sake, we'll refer to the two types of sweaters we create as thick gauge or thin gauge.

Thick Gauge

Thick gauge uses a larger needle, and is going to give you a chunkier look and feel to your sweater. You see this in your traditional Ugly Christmas Sweaters. The sweater is warm and has a good weight on it. 

When it comes to the look of a thick gauge sweater, because the needle is thicker, you lose some clarity to the design, but you get that more classic Christmas sweater aesthetic in return. 

Some examples of our thick gauge sweaters are Party Savior, Reindeer Gainz, and Super Santa.

thick gauge

Thin Gauge

Thin gauge uses a smaller needle. The pattern is more tightly knit and has an overall lighter feeling to the sweater. Because there are more stitches per inch, you can see a lot of the finer details in a design, so we use a thin gauge when we have a design with a lot of smaller elements that we really want to pop. 

Some examples of our thin gauge sweaters are Santa's Craftshop, Back to the Presents, and Food Fight. All of these sweaters have really fine details that would be missed if we went with a thick gauge sweater.

thin gauge
And that's the difference! We hope you learned a little something. Which do you prefer - a thick, chunky Christmas sweater, or a thin, light one?