Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at Ugly Christmas Party! 
Our season is just beginning, and already we have so many people to thank. So I just want to take a brief moment to do so, before things really shift into high gear over here. So a big THANK YOU...
...To all of our followers on Facebook and Instagram, for liking, sharing, and commenting on our content. I cannot express how much it means to a small business to reach so many different people throughout the country. Thank you for your support.
...To everyone who has purchased one of our sweaters so far this season (and those of you who will in the coming weeks). We took a risk this year and decided to design and produce our own sweater concepts, and watching people actually respond to our concepts and buy them gives us the best thrill possible. It proves to us that our creativity is valuable. Thank you for including us in your holiday.
...To our friends and family, for sharing our content, recommending our website, and giving up your entire Labor Day to help us succeed. We truly believe that a small business is only as strong as the community that surrounds it, and we are humbled at how our community has rallied behind us. Thank you for your love.
...To our seasonal staff, Ethan, Casey, Scott, Stephanie, and K'Lynn, most of whom are back for the second year in a row. Every one of you has made a difference in the life of this business. And to Andrew, for leading this team. We are so grateful we have you in our corner. Thank you all for your hard work.
...To Nicole, for being the best person we could have wished for to watch Theo every day. Having you here allows us to focus on building this business, and we can do so with very little guilt knowing that he has someone as great as you with him. Thank you for loving our son.
...To our year-round team, Bryce and Dean, for showing up every day and giving us your all throughout the year, even when the work is slow or tedious (i.e. inventory), just so we can get to Christmas each year. The innovations and creative solutions you have come up with have made so much of a difference in our crunch time. Thank you for your dedication.
...To Dave and Karen, for being our partners in this experiment. From creative brainstorms over beers to strategic planning at Outback Steakhouse, it's been an incredible journey to take - and this last year has been one hell of a ride. Thank you for your trust.
I think that's it! So put your feet up, enjoy the turkey and that extra slice of pie, and make some memories with loved ones. Because as of tomorrow (after what feels like the LONGEST November in history) IT IS OFFICIALLY CHRISTMAS SEASON!!!! 
Have yourself an ugly little Christmas,
Tyler & Sarah