fun facts about ugly christmas party


Here are some fun facts about Ugly Christmas Party you may not know!

We have been known to host some epic beer pong events.

For a long time, our sweaters came unfolded, so we needed to have big tables at standing height for everyone to easily fold the sweaters without hurting their backs. These tables doubled as shipping stations... and TRIPLED as Beer Pong tables. At least once a week, everyone who worked would hang out for a little bit after work to have a couple of beers and play a few games of Beer Pong. We used to play so often we developed company-specific rules.


We are definitely a SMALL business.

For the majority of the year, only three people work here, including me and Tyler. We ramp up a bit in the late summer when our product arrives and we need to check it in and ship some out to Amazon, and then hire a few more to start right before Thanksgiving so that we can fulfill quickly during the peak holiday shopping times. But after December 18th-ish, it's right back down to Ty, me, and Dean.


We have a shop dog.

Our dog Mac grew up at Ugly Christmas Party! She loves to come to work with us and sit on our laps, and especially loves when we have rejected samples that she can claim for a new doggie bed.


Every day starts with a cup of tea.

Specifically Earl Grey. We're not coffee drinkers, but we do love a good tea!


Every Tuesday is Pizza Day.

This tradition just started this year. Tyler and I went out for pizza one afternoon - after being stuck inside for over a year, we were ready to dip our toes back into the world. Our local pizza place is typically dead on Tuesday afternoons, so it seemed like a safe place to be. And then we went back the next week, and the next... Now, if either one of us isn't really feeling pizza on a Tuesday, we look at the other and say, "We made a commitment."


We're based in Southern California.

So it's never a white Christmas here. Although in 2019 and 2020, we did get flurries! ...That disappeared as soon as they hit the ground.


And it all started with $500 and a credit card.