tales from the dark side of christmas christmas carolers a menace to society


It’s October, which means it’s the month of Halloween. Even though we’re a Christmas company, we love spooky things too, so all month we’ll be bringing you a new series we call TALES FROM THE DARK SIDE OF CHRISTMAS.

“Here we come a wassailing...” Today, the term wassailer most often refers to someone caroling, but it originally meant a person who got fucking WASTED. In the 17th century, Christmas was like a festival, and people would get incredibly drunk and walk around singing Christmas songs. When they came to a house, sometimes they would demand that, in the spirit of Christmas, they be given the home’s finest food and drink. 

If the homeowner did not comply, some of these carolers would threaten violence, destroy property, steal, and wreak havoc on their neighbors. 

So the next time someone sings “Now bring us some figgy pudding,” you might want to consider that a warning instead of a request.