ugly christmas sweater santa collection 2021


Our Santa Collection is by far the biggest one we have. We just can’t stop coming up with concepts for Santa sweaters! Seriously, it’s a problem. This year, our Santa sweaters run the gamut from sports to literary sub-genres. It’s a wild ride. They are all available NOW and will ship within 24 hours.

ugly christmas sweater golfing santa tiger woods

Golfing Santa

This one is named Golfing Santa because we don’t want to get sued by naming it after the legendary golfer who inspired this sweater. We’re huge fans of Tiger, his red shirt and this pose are absolutely iconic, so when we decided to make a golf sweater, we wanted to give homage to the greatest golfer of all time. Honestly, Santa is probably flattered. Cheers to Tiger, we hope his recovery is going well and we can see him on the links again soon.

ugly christmas sweater over it golfing santa bill murray

Over It

When we started concepting golf sweaters, we actually had a ton of ideas, which is how we ended up with two sweaters featuring Santa golfing this year. This one was inspired by the Bill Murray meme. It makes us giggle - just like Santa’s elf caddy here. Every golfer has had that moment when they’re ready to throw in the towel, and clearly Santa is no exception.

ugly christmas sweater santa jolly juice

Jolly Juice

Santa drinking has always been a hit for us (see: Hoppy Holidays, Santa’s Craft Shop), but this year, we wanted to go more retro with it. We were inspired by the classic Santa looks from Coca-Cola and the ornate beauty of a beer stein. Originally we designed this Santa with really rosy cheeks, but when we got our sample back, he looked like his face was bleeding, so we had to make an adjustment, but we think it still gives off enough early 19th century Santa vibes to get the point across.

ugly christmas sweater santa mma conor mcgregor ufc

MMA Santa

This one was inspired by another amazing athlete, Conor McGregor. Our family watches a lot of UFC and has backed the Notorious one for years. We thought 2021 was going to be his comeback year, and got really into designing all the details of Santa’s tattoos. We had already approved samples and placed our full order when… well, we don’t need to go into details, I can still see it happening when I close my eyes. But he’s promised he’ll be back and we’re sure he’ll be entertaining us for a long time coming.

ugly christmas sweater santa ski pun skiing

Ski-son’s Greetings

By now, I think it’s pretty obvious that we here at Ugly Christmas Party love puns. This one is a particular favorite. The idea to do a skiing Santa came up just at the tail end of our design process, and we went back and forth a bit on if it even needed a title, but when we came up with Ski-son’s Greetings, we were sold. I wonder how much hot chocolate Santa drinks back at the lodge once he’s done with the slopes.

ugly christmas sweater santa skull gothic

Skull Santa

I find the mix of Christmas and gothic imagery really cool. It’s a juxtaposition that shouldn’t necessarily work, but does. This sweater is kind of a mix of Nightmare Before Christmas and Tales from the Crypt. I don’t know how Santa’s skull managed to keep his beard, but I also love it.

ugly christmas sweater santa sleigher slayer pun


The inspiration for this sweater was actually Mad Max. Our original intention was to have flames coming out of the guitar, but it was too difficult to get the colors right (when you make knit sweaters you have a limited number of colors you can use on one design). We know that there are other sweaters out there making the Sleigher pun, but it was too fitting to pass up, and we think this Santa has earned the metal - I mean mantle. 

ugly christmas sweater santa steampunk jingle jangle

Steampunk Santa

We love the Steampunk aesthetic, and think it fits in so well with Christmas. Last year we had so much fun as a family watching Jingle Jangle and thought this style would be totally different from any other Christmas sweater out there. What started with a zeppelin and a vague idea of different elements we wanted to include turned into something beautiful and artistic. This sweater has really elevated our brand style, and we hope you love it as much as we do.

ugly christmas sweater santa treat yourself

Treat Yourself

This sweater was inspired by Scrooge McDuck. We played around with several different ways for Santa to be surrounded by treats (including a Scrooge McDuck-style swan dive), but the idea of him making snow angels in a giant pile of cookies tickled us in just the right way. When we saw the initial design, we thought, “Woah. It is so BROWN.” We added colored candies and candy cane striped sleeves to get some more color into it, but this is still definitely an ugly Ugly Christmas sweater. And really that’s why we love it so much.

And those are our new Santa sweaters for 2021! As I said, they are all available NOW and will ship within 24 hours. 

Which one is your favorite?