christmas checklist for november


It's November! Here are five things you can do to start preparing for the holidays right now.

Update your Budget

I talk about it every month, but you need to keep track of your spending! A 2019 poll found that 44% of Americans went into debt for the holidays. Know what you have to spend and where your spending currently is. We have a great, free resource to help with this on our website.


Take Holiday Photos & Order Holiday Cards

Whether you are getting professional photos or taking them yourself, get those photos in order and then order your holiday cards. Do this in the first half of the month before things get too busy.

Take Inventory of your Decorations

If your lights aren’t working, you want to figure that out before you put the tree up.

Plan your Black Friday/Cyber Monday Shopping

I personally don’t shop in person on Black Friday, but there are definitely deals you can take advantage of all weekend right from your couch - just know where you want to look.

Purchase supplies

It’s time to buy wrapping paper, ribbon, and bows so you can start wrapping as presents arrive and you don’t have to do it all on Christmas Eve.

And of course - November is the perfect time to buy your Ugly Christmas sweater!

Happy Planning!