2021 assorted ugly christmas sweater collection


The final Collection we want to introduce you to are our Assorted sweaters. It’s really a shame we don’t have a better name for this collection, because “Assorted” doesn’t do these fun and creative designs justice. 

christmas eve and christmas adam assorted ugly christmas sweater

Christmas Eve & Christmas Adam

A few years ago, we learned that a friend of ours refers to December 23rd as Christmas Adam, since Adam came before Eve. And by now you should know how we feel about a pun. As you can see, it’s Christmas in Eden, and Adam and Eve are rocking their best Christmas sweaters and fig leaves. Don’t miss the snake watching from above as they prefer to prepare to take a bite of their freshly picked apples. It’s Genesis, the New Testament, and modern day holiday celebrations rolled into one sweater!


food fight gingerbread man men assorted ugly christmas sweater

Food Fight

We really wanted to have a gingerbread sweater this year, and we also wanted to use “Food Fight” as a pun. We played with a couple variations of each of those concepts, but when we merged them together, we felt like we had struck gold. We added in a Batman-style SNAP to really give the design a feeling of movement and energy, and repeated the trail of cookie devastation down the sleeves. It’s basically Kill Bill, but with cookies. Sounds delicious, no?

back to the presents back to the future assorted ugly christmas sweater

Back to the Presents

We are huge Back to the Future fans. I’ve known every word to that movie since I was probably 5 years old. We even have the USA Today Newspaper that they printed in 2015 to commemorate the second movie framed in our offices. This sweater is one of our favorites of all time. It has everything we love: a spot-on design, bright colors, and a great pun. And if Santa’s going to deliver presents all night, why not do it in style?

i'm only here for the food assorted ugly christmas sweater

I’m Only Here for the Food

This is the sweater for people who don’t like Christmas parties - or at least love to pretend they don’t like Christmas parties. We took a traditional Christmas sweater look and overlaid a giant bib so that you can let everyone know the real reason you decided to attend. I mean, it’s hard to say no to grandma’s stuffed mushrooms, isn’t it? 

And with that, we’ve now introduced all of our new sweaters for 2021! Everything is available for sale NOW and ship within 24 hours. Let us know which one is your favorite!