One of the highlights from our original line of Christmas sweaters was our Corgi sweater. Compared to what we’re doing now, it’s… pretty basic, but there’s just something about that cute little corgi wearing antlers that puts a smile on our face. Over the years, our collection of animal sweaters has grown to include other dogs, cats, a giraffe, and even a T-rex skeleton. This year, we’re adding 5 more to the team. They are all available NOW and will ship within 24 hours.

ugly christmas sweater dragon santa hat christmas is coming game of thrones

Christmas Dragon

This year, we were really loving the subgenre of mythical creatures, and Christmas Dragon is our first foray into that. Our concept was of a giant dragon taking over for Santa and trying to deliver presents… but since he’s also a, you know, dragon, things go a bit awry. We love the bright flames up the sleeves and the details of the village burning in the distance that you can only really see when you’re close up. Whether you love Dungeons and Dragons, Game of Thrones (at least before that last season) or just mythical creatures in general, we think our Christmas Dragon will set your heart on fire. 

ugly christmas sweater kraken santa sleigh pirates of the caribbean


Christmas Kraken

Another mythical creature, the Christmas Kraken was a really fun one to develop. We imagined a giant kraken coming out of the deep as Santa flew maybe a little too close to the ocean, pulling his sleigh down into the depths (don’t worry kids, Santa escaped on the back of one of his reindeer). The kraken’s tentacles don’t just have the sleigh in their grasp, but they’re also running up the sleeves of the sweater. Better watch out or it will pull you down to Davy Jones’ locker too! If you love the sea, if your favorite Disney ride is Pirates of the Caribbean, or if you just want to be able to walk into a party crying, “RELEASE THE KRAKEN,” this is the sweater for you.

ugly christmas sweater polar bear beer drinking


Polar Beer

Let’s take a quick detour now away from the mythical and back to a much more traditional Christmas animal: the polar bear. Our concept here was for a polar bear to be relaxing in the freezing pools of the arctic while the snow banks kept his beer icy cold. For this one we played with a lot of different titles: Chillin’ Out, Polar Plunge… But Polar Beer was by far our favorite. If you love polar bears (i.e. everyone), beer (most people), and jacuzzis (like 95% of y’all), then this sweater will be a great addition to your collection.

ugly christmas sweater santa claws velociraptor raptor santa hat jurassic park


Santa Claws

Coming in with another classic Ugly Christmas Party pun, Santa Claws showcases a velociraptor taking Santa’s place and delivering presents. By the look of the gash marks all over the sweater, he doesn’t fare much better than the Christmas Dragon. Merry T-Rexmas was a hit last year, and so we decided to expand our dinosaur offerings with everyone’s favorite dino (at least since Jurassic Park came out). If you buy this sweater, just remember to be careful: she’s a Clever Girl…

ugly christmas sweater yeti expedition everest abominable snowman matterhorn


Yeti Santa

Our last new animal sweater for the year also rounds out our mythical creatures collection. For this one, we imagined that Santa has to get presents to the peak of a high, icy mountain, but it’s too dangerous for the reindeer, so he calls on his good friend the Yeti. There’s nothing Abominable about this cheery creature, and as you can see he is more than happy to help Santa out. The snowy landscape and blue/grey color patterns help to give a truly wintery feeling. 

And those are the new Animal sweaters from our 2021 Collection! As I said, they are all available NOW and will ship within 24 hours.

Which is your favorite animal?