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This is the third in our series of profiles of the team behind Ugly Christmas Party. We hope you enjoy getting to know each of us!

Bryce Mullen

Product Manager

Describe your role at Ugly Christmas Party
I manage inventory and product data, while developing solutions to problems related to the e-commerce side of the business. I used to manage the accounting and bookkeeping as well, but now my focus is on special projects.

How long have you worked here?
Since 2011!

What's your favorite thing about working at Ugly Christmas Party?
I love the challenge of working for a small business in a big business industry (retail). I like having to think creatively to find solutions for our current pinch points while anticipating future ones.

What's your favorite Ugly Christmas sweater?
"Party Savior." It's a really clever concept.

How has Ugly Christmas Party changed since you started?
How hasn't it changed? When I started, it was just moving out of a closet. I've seen the growth of the company and the innovation we've had to use to find ways to succeed. This industry is ever-changing, so you have to think pretty fast on your feet sometimes.

Describe Black Friday/Cyber Monday in one word.

Do you have any particular memories from previous Christmases?
Last Christmas, I got to watch a project that I worked on extensively help us be more efficient and help customers get their products faster and with less errors. It felt awesome and I loved that my hard work made everyone else's job a little easier.

Also there was that one Christmas with no pictures.

What are you looking forward to about this upcoming Christmas?
I have loved seeing Ugly Christmas Party grow and flourish into its own thing, especially this past year. It's been awesome to watch people get behind the brand, and I'm excited for more people to find it.

What's your favorite holiday song?
What Child is This

What's your favorite holiday movie?
The Muppet Christmas Carol

What's your favorite thing about the holidays?
All the food! But also spending time with my family.

What do you picture for the future of Ugly Christmas Party?
I'd love to see the community grow around Ugly Christmas Party. We already have a great little community full of our family and friends, but I can totally see people around the world falling in love with our designs and the ethos of this company.


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